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Alien Bong

4 Way Alien Head Bong

It’s time to say hello to the incredible alien head bong! This is an absolutely killer bong that’s designed to pack one hell of a punch for up to four tokers at the same time… so invite your buddies round and get ready for one hell of a session!

The alien head bong is 18.5cm in height and is in the shape of a stoned alien to keep you company when smoking solo.

This incredible 4 way bong is perfect for taking with you to parties or smoking with your friends but is also great for those times when your smoking by yourself.

It’s big, it’s bad ass and it’s going to knock your socks off – plus it looks awesome sitting around the home.

This bong would make for an amazing gift for that toker buddy that’s really hard to buy or is the perfect way to treat yourself.

If you’re looking for a killer 4 way bong that’s fun to smoke from AND looks awesome then this incredible ceramic alien head bong is definitely the way to go and it’s an absolute bargain at less than $40.

Price: $38.82