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Black Leaf Nautilus Bong

Black Leaf Nautilus

Price: $95.00


If you’re after a high end bong without the high end price tag then the absolutely stunning Black Leaf Nautilus bong is exactly what you’re after. It comes with all of the features that you would expect from a more expensive bong including ice notches, a percolator system and a whole lot more yet it still costs less than $100 which is a hell of a lot cheaper than what you would normally pay for a bong of similar quality.

In terms of size the Black Leaf Nautilus is a medium sized bong standing at 45cm tall with a diameter of 40mm and a joint size of 18.8mm. This makes it big enough to give you some extremely powerful rips yet not so big that it can’t be easily moved around the home. The cone piece itself is especially big giving you more than enough space to pack a big enough cone to get you ultra baked. The glass itself is also nice and thick measuring in at 5mm making it tough and durable and less likely to break then some of the lower quality bongs out there.

The manufacturers of this bong Black Leaf are well known for their ability to make high quality bongs at affordable prices and they’ve done a truly exceptional job with this one so if you’re looking for a kick ass new bong then be sure to give the Nautilus bong a go… it’s a rocking bong at a rocking price!