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Bong of Knowledge

Bong of Knowledge

The bong of knowledge is a beautiful and extremely popular bong that’s both gorgeous to look at and incredible to smoke from.

The name ‘bong of knowledge’ and it’s question mark logo suggest if you’re feeling a bit down or confused then the bong of knowledge will bring you all of the answers. We’re not really sure if that’s true or not but you have to admit this is one bad ass bong!

The bong itself is about 370mm in height and weighs around 500 grams.

It’s got nice thick glass (around 3.2mm in size) so that it’s tough and resistant to damage and a big capacity size (1000ml) allowing for nice big rips. The tube diameter is 40mm in size and the glass on glass joints are 18.8mm in size.

What does this all add up too? The answer is one freaking awesome bong.  So if you’re in the market for a new bong then treat yourself to the bong of knowledge.

It’s a beautiful smoking piece that packs one hell of a punch yet won’t cost you a fortune!

Price: $156.30