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Flaming Skull Bong

Flaming Skull Bong

If you’re looking for a great glass bong that’s extremely high in quality and packed with a tonne of awesome features but with a price tag that won’t break your bank account then the Black Leaf flaming skull bong is the ultimate way to go.

It’s made from high quality, thick glass that measures in at 5mm wide making it an extremely tough and durable smoking piece. The bong stands at 50cm in height and comes with all of the cool features you would expect from a high end bong including a percolator system, a carb stopper and ice notches for adding ice cubes to bong for a cooler smoke.

You’ll be guaranteed an amazing smoking experience every time with the flaming skull and are bound to love the incredibly smooth hits that you get from it. The water pipe itself even looks spectacular and will look great sitting around your home or smoking spot and it sporting it’s big flaming skull logo at the top of the bong.

Over the years Black Leaf has become extremely well known for their high quality, low price bongs and the flaming skull bong is definitely no exception so if you’re looking for a kick ass percolator bong from a reputable brand this is definitely the way to go!

Price: $75.00