Gold RooR Bong Jun13


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Gold RooR Bong

Gold RooR Bong

Price: $3,900


Say hello to the most incredible bong you’ve ever seen in your life. This solid gold RooR bong has a genuine diamond studded RooR logo mounted to it along with tough 7mm thick borosilicate glass making it one of the highest quality bongs ever made (and also the most expensive!). If you’re looking for nothing but the absolute best and have the money to spend then you really cannot get a better bong.

RooR is extremely well known for their stunning range of high quality bongs producing some of the most desired waterpipes on the planet. But with this one they’ve taken bong design to a whole new level creating something that most tokers would have only dreamed of!

This bad ass bong comes complete with a custom ashcatcher, diffuser, ice notches and stands at 45cm tall as well as solid silver and gold all over. At almost four grand this bong is definitely one of the most expensive bongs ever made but if you’ve got the cash to splash it’s worth every cent and is quite easily one of the best bongs ever made.

This bong is fit for a king!