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Gun Bong

Gun Bong

Now you can feel like a total bad ass while you’re smoking bongs with this unique and rad looking ceramic bong that has been made into the shape of a gun. It’s available for sale from the awesome guys over at GrassCity for just $32.50, they specialize in selling all sorts of high quality bongs and smoking devices that won’t cost you a fortune and this pistol bong is right up there with the best!

The gun bong is made out of ceramics and not only looks great but is lots of fun to smoke out of! Ceramic bongs are extremely popular because they can be moulded and sculpted into all sorts of incredible designs and this pistol bong is just one example of what can be made with a bit of creativity and some high quality materials.

Unlike a real gun though this pistol couldn’t harm a fly… it just makes the user feel goooood. It also makes for a great conversation piece and will leave a serious impression on anyone that that takes a hit from it.

So if you’re in the market for a high quality ceramic bong that’ll turn heads, impress friends and look great around the home than this is exactly the kind of bong you are after!

Price: $32.50