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Hammer Bubbler

Hammer Bubbler

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to picking out a brand new bubbler to add to your collection! Get a bubbler that you’re going to be truly happy with for years to come like this incredible hammer bubbler that’s made by the great people at American Glass Works.

It not only looks amazing with it’s stunning design and vibrant mix of colors but it feels great in your hands and smokes like a dream giving you some of the smoothest and best tasting hits possible. This hammer bubbler measures in at 8.5” in height and is made from only the absolute highest quality glass.

These days bubblers are becoming extremely popular smoking devices all around the world and they make for a great alternative to a bong or smoking pipe giving you a size that’s somewhere in between the two.

Generally bubblers come in two main styles: the Sherlock and the Hammer. Whilst Sherlock bubblers are vertically tall and shaped much like a Sherlock Holmes style pipe Hammer bubblers (such as this one) are long and held horizontally and get their name from the fact that they look somewhat like a Hammer.

And as far as hammer bubblers go… this is definitely one of the best out there!

Price: $233.75