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Ice Bong

Ice Catcher Bong

Ice catcher bongs are perfectly designed for the toker that loves to get an extra smooth toke and they work by simply popping a few ice cubes into them where they’ll sit nice and snugly and cool down the smoke from each hit that you take before you go to inhale. The result is a refreshing and great tasting smoke each and every time!

And as far as ice bongs go they simply don’t get much better than this incredible ice bong from the awesome guys at Blaze Glass. It’s a stunning smoking piece that comes jam packed with every feature that you could possibly want out of a bong including nice, thick glass for extra strength, a sand blasted finish that makes it beautiful to look at, a stable round base that wont knock over easily, a 6-arm percolator for a super tasty toke and of course ice notches that will hold in your ice cubes and make the smoke even cooler and smoother on the lungs.

But just because the Blaze Ice catcher bong comes with all of the bells and whistles that you would expect from a “high end” bong it doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying a “high end” price. In fact at a cost of less than $150 we think this bong is an absolute steal!

Price: $134.40