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Illadelph Ash Catcher

Illadelph Ash Catcher

This incredible ash catcher from the makers of Illadelph bongs is easily one of the best ash catchers out there and is the ultimate way to give your bong an extra level of filtration that will provide you with one of the smoothest and most divine tasting tokes that you’ve ever tasted without ever having to worry about ash coming through into the main chamber of the bong and making it filthy.

The awesome Illadelph ash catcher has two in built chambers. The first chamber has the bowl built into it and filters the smoke with a removable daisy diffuser that has twelve slits making smoke smoother, cooler and blocking all ash before allowing the smoke to move into the second chamber which serves as a pre-cooling chamber further cooling down the smoke and making it extra smooth. Finally the smoke then enters the bong and is ready to be inhaled.

The Illadalph ash catcher is made from high quality glass and has a joint size of 18.8mm and a bowl size of 14.5mm and quite frankly it’s one of the best damn ash catchers out there. So if you’re in the market for a brand new ash catcher then we can’t recommend this awesome offering from Illadelph more highly!

Price: $364.64