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Illadelph Coil Bong

Illadelph Coil

Illadelph have long been known for their ability to create some of the most incredible high end bongs out there. Their bongs are often packed with all sorts of extras and are made to a ridiculously high standard… and the Illadelph coil bong is no exception.

The Illadelph coil includes a unique coil that’s filled with glycerine and is easily detachable from the main bong itself. The smoker can then place this coil into a freezer or fridge for a few hours to allow it cool and then insert it back into the bong for a super cool and chilled smoke that tastes amazing and is really smooth on the lungs.

The bong itself looks beautiful and sports the black Illadelph logo along it’s neck. Furthermore every coil bong comes with its own top of the range Illadelph space case herb grinder so that you can spend less time grinding and more time toking.

So if you’re in the market for a high end bong from a top notch manufacturer then this is what you’re after. It’s got all of the bells and whistles you could want and once you try it for yourself you won’t want to go back to using anything else!

Price: $911.53