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Illadelph Rasta Bong

Illadelph Rasta

If you’ve ever smoked out of an Illadelph bong before then you’ll know that they are amongst some of the most bad ass bongs on the planet and the stunning Illadelph Rasta is no exception whatsoever.

First the asthetics: this bong looks absolutely amazing. It stands at 19” tall and has the infamous Illadelph crest printed towards the bottom of the base of the bong in rasta style colors and has the big ‘Illadelph’ logo printed right up the side in the red, yellow and green rasta colors.

But this bong doesn’t just look awesome – it’s incredible to smoke from too and is loaded with extra features. The hit that you get from smoking this bong is smooth, cool and easy on the lungs whilst still packing one hell of a punch. Some of the added features of this bong include ice pinches for adding ice to your bong (to cool down the smoke), a custom fitted box to store it in and a red keck clip. The bong itself is made out of super high quality schott duran borosilicate glass that’s 5mm thick and weighs approximately 1130g.

This bong looks awesome, smokes awesome and is the ultimate way to get your high on!

Price: $327.08