Incredibowl m420 Jul26


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Incredibowl m420

Incredibowl m420

Price: $67.95


Here’s an awesome 420 product for those that like to toke on the go. It’s called the Incredibowl m420 and it’s an incredibly designed portable smoking pipe that gives you the freedom to toke wherever you want, whenever you want.

The m420 is designed to be both compact and tough. It utilizes an extremely tough anodized aluminium BowlArmor (TM) to protect itself from drop and knocks and has a shatterproof chamber where it cools and filters the smoke from tars. Just pull open the BowlArmer (TM) to reveal the 9-hole Annular Purge Carb (TM) and allow it to blast cool, delicious smoke into your lungs with its super high velocity jets.

The Incredibowl really is an incredible little invention and it’s perfect for the toker that likes to always keep a smoking device on them. It’s great for taking to parties and for those that don’t like to leave the house unprepared.  If this sounds like you then don’t around and pick yourself up one of these awesome smoking pipes today!