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Meerschaum Pipe

Meerschaum Pipe

Meerschaum is an extremely soft white mineral that is often found floating on the Black Sea. It’s a beautiful material that is opaque in appearance and of a cream, grey or white color that often changes gradually over time. One of the best things about meerschaum is that it makes for exceptional smoking pipes and this one right here is no exception.

These meerschaum pipes are available in three different beautiful designs: the black cobra, the orange eagle claw and the black cobra. All three are both stunning to look and extremely enjoyable to smoke from. And to really add some character to your pipe the meerschaum will gradually change color over time making it seem ‘alive’.

So if you’re looking for a new smoking pipe that’s different and interesting or if you’re perhaps looking for a cool gift for that hard to buy for that toker friend then the meerschaum pipe really is a great way to go.

These amazing pipes are unique, aesthetically gorgeous and incredible to smoke from… what’s not to love?

Price: $28.06+