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Mini Bong

Mini Bong

Bigger isn’t always necessarily better and this bad ass miniature sized bong just proves it.

It’s a small and lightweight bong that’s tiny enough to take with you wherever you go whether it’s a raging party or just to chill at a friends house yet it still provides one hell of a hit and doesn’t compromise on quality.

The mini bong is perfect for the toker that doesn’t like to stay in any one place for too long or the person that wants a bong that they can quickly and easily stash away into a small hiding spot around the house when they’ve got guests over and wish to be discreet.

The mini bong measures in at around 9cm tall and is made made from high quality glass and features a funky little green weed leaf logo on the front of it.

We reckon this is an absolute bargain at just under $20 bucks and is easily one of the best miniature bongs available for sale online.

So if you’re looking for smoking device that’s small and extremely portable than this miniture bong is definitely the way to go!

Price: $13.54