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Mushroom Bong

Mushroom Bong

Price: $54.75


If you’re somebody that likes to keep your smoking on the down low (particularly when friends or family come around to visit) then you’ve probably realized a bong is by no means the subtlest looking device out there and tends to instantly scream out “I SMOKE WEED!” to anybody that passes by it.

And sure you can go out of your way to find a super secret hiding place that nobody else will ever look in but then you have to go through the effort of putting it away in that spot each time and honestly… are you going to remember every single time?

So here’s a better solution – the super stealthy mushroom bong. The mushroom bong is awesome to smoke from giving you one hell of a hit and then can be instantly transformed into an innocent looking mushroom ornament in 2 seconds flat. It’ll look great in your home or apartment and won’t set off any warning bells to any unsuspecting visitors.

The mushroom bong is made from ceramic, measures in at 22cm in height and is a whole lot of fun to smoke from… what’s not to love?