Mya Vento Hookah Jul18


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Mya Vento Hookah

Mya Vento Hookah

The Mya Vento hookah is a beautifully crafted smoking hookah that’s tough, durable and amazing to smoke from.

This is definitely one of the best hookahs there that’s around the $50 range. It’s a great hookah for one person but it can also be converted really easily into a four hose hookah allowing up to four tokers at one time. Plus it comes complete with an auto seal system that removes the need for flip caps and rubber stoppers whilst more than one person is smoking.

If you’re looking for a high quality hookah then the Mya Vento really is a great way to go. It’s available in 6 different colors (black, green, blue, sky blue, pink and light purple) and stands at about 16” tall.

The hooah also comes with premium hookah tongs, rubber grommets, a 74” washable hose, a wire basket, a porcelain bowl and setup instructions.

All in all this is an amazing hookah – it’s a tonne of fun to smoke from and its sensational value for money. So be sure to grab yours today!


Price: $55.99