Pot Leaf Toaster Jul14


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Pot Leaf Toaster

Pot Leaf Toaster

Price: $34.95


We’ve been adding a lot of smoking devices to the site lately so we decided it was time to give you something a little bit different… and here it is.

It’s a toaster that’s designed with pot smokers and hemp lovers in mind. This wickedly designed toaster is probably the only toaster out there that has a ‘cannabis’ theme. On the front it’s got a big bold bold picture of the best plant on the plant (cannabis… duh) and on every bit of toast that you cook you’ll also see an imprint of a pot leaf… nifty huh?

The pot leaf toaster serves for a great conversation starter and makes for the perfect gift for a 420 friends or family member. Furthermore it’s extremely affordable costing just shy of $35. This awesome novelty item will make your friends and guests laugh and will ultimately probably lead to a smoking session… plus it makes really yum toast.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch your boring old toaster that only makes that same crappy ‘regular’ toast that everyone else does and switch it for this hip toaster with a hemp leaf on it… we’re sure you’re going to love it (we did!).