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R2D2 Bong

R2D2 Bong

A long time in a galaxy far, far away there lived a quirky little robot that went by the name of R2D2. This robot would go on to help many others on their epic quest through space but he is now coming to Earth to help you to smoke your favorite herb by turning himself into an awesome little bong.

Fans of this epic sci-fi character are going to love this R2D2 bong. It’s well designed, smokes incredibly and makes for a great ornament around the house even when it’s not in use. It’s also a must have for anyone that also owns the Yoda bong as well as it makes for the perfect addition to a sci-fi bong collection.

The R2D2 bong is made out of ceramic and stands at 15cm tall making it compact enough to take with you on a trip or to a friend’s house.

The bowl where you can pack your herb comes out of R2D2’s head and a pipe comes out of the back of him for inhaling.

This bong is available for sale online for just $37.50… so pick one up today and get ready for a session of space proportions!

Price: $37.50