RooR Ashtray Aug18


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RooR Ashtray

RooR Ashtray

Price: $10.44


If you’re looking for an ashtray that is guaranteed to be high in quality but without the expensive price tag then the RooR ashtray is exactly what you’re looking for.It’s functional, looks great around the house and is made by one of the best 420 brands out there.

Over the years RooR has become one of the most respected and popular makers of smoking equipment and their finely crafted ashtrays are no different. When you buy a RooR item you really can except the best. RooR makes all of their items using only the absolute highest quality borosilicate glass around and all of their items are designed to not only look great but to be tough, study and to last a hell of a long time… and this ashtray is no exception!