RooR Icemaster 7.0 Bong Jul17


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RooR Icemaster 7.0 Bong

RooR Icemaster 7.0

If you’re a fan of RooR then you are going to go nuts over this sensational bong. It’s the RooR Icemaster 7.0 and it’s an absolutely gorgeous smoking piece that’s made from high quality materials and smokes like a dream. If you’re looking for a high end bong that will give you an out of this working smoking experience then the Icemaster 7.0 is definitely the way to go.

This bong comes with all of the features and addons that you would expect from a high end RooR bong including ice notches for adding ice cubes to the bong (for a cooler smoke), a stunning sand blasted hemp leaf on the side of the bong and a 12.5cm downtube.

As with most RooR bongs the glass is also extremely thick (7mm to be exact) so that it’s tough and resistant to breakages (there’s nothing worse than breaking a bong!).

Both aesthetically and function wise this bong is nothing short of amazing. If you’re after a smoking pipe that is truly special then the RooR Icemaster 7.0 bong is definitely the way to go.

Simply put… this bong is incredible.

Price: $546.38