RooR Little Sista Bong Dec03


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RooR Little Sista Bong

RooR LIttle Sista

Here’s a bong that’s got a simple and clean design yet packs one hell of a punch for the toker. It’s also one of the most popular RooR bongs out there and here’s why.

The RooR Little Sista bong is one of the most affordable RooR bongs available for sale online but it still comes with the same awesome design and quality that you would expect from a quality brand like RooR.

The Little Sista is made from high quality 3.2mm thick glass and has a simple but well thought out design that not only looks great but feels really comfortable to hold and makes it a dream to smoke out of.

The bong also comes with a bistable joint which adds about 40% more glass to the ground notch making the bong more stable and far less likely to break. And as with most RooR bongs it comes complete with a down tube, separate lift-off owl and RooR glass gauze.

So if you’re looking for a kick ass bong from one of the world’s most reputable bong brands and at a price that won’t break the bank then the RooR Little Sista bong is exactly what you’re after!

Price: $165.82