RooR Rasta Bong Feb01


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RooR Rasta Bong

RooR Rasta

Cannabis and rasta culture seem to go together like Easter and chocolate so it seems only fitting that one of the world’s best bong brands should release a specially designed rasta themed bong.

This stunning piece is made in Germany by the awesome guys at RooR who are well known for their ability to produce some of the highest quality bongs in the world and this one is no exception!

On it’s side it features the infamous RooR logo in red yellow and green rasta colors and it’s tube is deisgned in a unique and funky looking hexagon shape.

But this bong doesn’t just look cool. It also smokes like a dream providing the user with one of the cleanest and smoothest tasting tokes around.

Furthermore the RooR rasta comes with all of the goodies that you’d expect from a RooR including a sliding glass funnel bowl a non diffuser downtube and a colored glass roll stopper. And on top of that it’s also made from strong 3.0mm glass so that it’s tough and not prone to breaking.

So if you’re in the market for a bong that’s fun and colorful but also a pleasure to smoke from then look no further than the RooR rasta because it’s one of the best bongs out there!

Price: $150.00