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RooR Steamroller Pipe

RooR Steamroller

Price: $13.50


RooR is a brand that is extremely well known for their exceptionally designed glass bongs but did you also know that they create some quite phenomenal steamroller pipes as well?

If you’ve never heard of a steamroller pipe it’s basically a small smoking pipe that has openings and both ends. You simply pack your substance into the little bowl, cover the end of the pipe with one of your fingers and then light it up. Once the herb has all been burned you then just release your finger and inhale the big hit of smoke.

Steamroller pipes utilize a simple but extremely effective design that’ll let you take a hit wherever and whenever you want. Whilst steamrollers might not have any fancy cooling or filtration mechanisms they are great because they are compact, small, lightweight and designed in a way that packs one hell of a punch. The RooR steamroller is manufactured in Germany and requires no attachments or extra pieces. Just take the pipe with you and your good to go.

So if you’re in the market for a new pipe that’ll give you the freedom to toke where you go then you simply can’t beat the RooR steamroller pipe for both quality and value!