RooR Vaporizer Nov18


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RooR Vaporizer

RooR Vaporizer

It’s finally here. The ultimate vaporizer for all of the RooR fans out there has finally arrived and boy was it worth the wait!

The incredible RooR vaporizer is mouth blown by some of the world’s best glass blowers and is made from 3.3mm borosilicate glass and comes in two awesome versions: the ‘basic’ model and the ‘XL’ model. Both models come with all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a RooR vape including a detachable mouthpiece, a removable glass bowl and an integrated diffuser.

Quite frankly this is one of the best vaporizers on the market right now. It’s incredible to use, dead easy to clean, totally shockproof and heat resistant and maintains a perfect temperature of around 195°C at all times.

Using the RooR vaporizer is easy too. You simply fill the RooR vapour body with a small amount of water and then place the bowl on the vaporizers body. Next you pack the bowl and place the RooR vapour heating element on the filled bowl. Finally just connect the heating element to a power point and get ready to enjoy your brand new vaporizer!

Price: $687.30