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Sherlock Bubbler

Sherlock Bubbler

If you’re looking for a smoking device that’s classy, stylish and a lot of fun to smoke from then this Sherlock bubbler is a great way to go. This has seriously got to be one of the bubblers that we have ever had the pleasure of using!

The bubbler is made by the amazing guys at American Glass Works who specialize in making all sorts of high quality smoking devices and this piece is no exception. It’s about 9” in size making It small and lightweight enough for you to chuck in a bag and take to a party or friends house yet still big enough to give an enjoyable smoking experience.

In terms of aesthetics this Sherlock bubbler is amazing and easily one of the most stunning looking pieces out there. It’s predominately blue with swirls and patterns all over along with a hint of red towards the front and some green and yellow patches mixed throughout. This is the type of piece that will turn heads and have people asking for a second look!

It doesn’t just look great though. It draws effortlessly and will prove time and time again to give you a smoking experience like no other bubbler can. We definitely recommend getting your hands on this one!

Price: $264.00