Silver Surfer Vaporizer Jul09


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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Price: $269.99


If you’re looking for a killer vaporizer to inhale your herb with then you might want to check out the Silver Surfer vaporizer. It’s a pretty new vaporizer that’s made by 7th Floor LLC. Whilst these guys might be new to making vapes they have really nailed it with the Silver Surfer vape.

This vaporizer is hand made in Colorado Springs, USA and it has a unique reverse 90 degree angle design that is unlike any other type of vaporizer. Thanks to this one of kind design the Silver Surfer successfully manages to solve the problem of your herb falling into the heating element – a problem that many other vapes suffer from.

The Silver Surfer isn’t just popular because of its innovative design though. It’s also made from high quality materials by experts who really know what they are doing. The vape even includes a 100% glass/ceramic heating element that is made from Alumina Ceramic which has pretty much the same crystal structure as a sapphire or ruby after going through the sintering process. And unlike a lot of cheaper metal elements neither glass nor ceramic emits any toxins when heated at high temperature (which we assume you’ll be doing a lot of!).

The icing on the cake though is the cool custom hemp bag that comes with the Silver Surfer. It’s extremely well padded ensuring that your vaporizer will stay safe when travelling and it includes two inner and two outer pockets for your smoking accessories.