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Weed Star Double Bubbler Bong

Weed Star Double Bubbler 3.0

Price: $89.50


If you’re looking for an awesome bubbler then it’s hard to find more bang for your buck than the Weed Star double bubbler bong. It’s a truly phenomenal double bubbler and it’s available for less than ninety bucks.

This amazing bubbler really is one bad ass smoking device and it absolutely rips and makes for one hell of a smoking experience. It’s made of super tough 5.00mm thick high quality glass which makes it extremely resistant to breakages and damage. It’s also got the percolation power of a full sized bong giving you clean, smooth hits every single time.

The bubbler includes two shower head diffusers as well as two cooling chambers to create the ultimate hit along with a roar of bubbles whenever you take a toke. The bubbler comes with two percolators:  the first is located inside the second chamber and the second is part of the diffuser adapter downstem.

Not only is this bubbler awesome to smoke but it’s extremely comfortable to hold and looks simply phenomenal. This is truly a great all-round bong from Weed Star!