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Weed Star Epic Precooler

Weed Star Epic Precooler

You might have used precoolers before but you have NEVER used anything quite like the Weed Star epic precooler.

If you’re not familiar what exactly what a precooler does then it’s designed to cool down your smoke before you inhale it and will also stop ash from getting through to the main chamber of the bong leaving it clean and beautiful!

And this is hands down the best precooler that we’ve ever come across and it’s brought to you buy the awesome guys over at Weed Star who specialize in making all sorts of high quality bongs and bong accessories.

The Epic Precooler takes an 18.8 bowl and comes with both a 6-arm percolator as well as a 14-slit difusser and the result is one seriously smooth smoke. Be careful though – this precooler is quite big and if your bong is too light it may just topple it over so it’s best used with heavier and sturdier bongs.

The piece itself also looks quite impressive and has both the Weed Star and the WS Series emblazoned on the side of it. The Epic Precooler is a must have for anyone that’s serious about their bong!

Price: $95.98